Niagara Falls Gets 10,000 Carnival Fans: City Already Looking forward to 2019


Stephen Weir

Release Date

Wednesday, August 22, 2018


While Torontonians have already put away their costumes for another year, in Niagara Falls, last weekend close to 10,000 tourists and locals alike had some Caribana schooling.

This is the third year that the Niagara Caribbean Festival has been held in Niagara Falls.

Some of Toronto’s top Mas Models joined the musical group Kobo Town, Connector, the P.K. Hummingbird Steel Orchestra and a fleet of food trucks to hold a carnival pop-up in the Queen Victoria Park directly opposite the American and Canadian Horseshoe Falls.

This is the third year that the Caribbean Community Engagement group – in partnership with the Niagara Parks Commission – has held the Caribana inspired festival. The CEE is headed up by Yvette Martin, a longtime Ontario stage manager for theatre, festivals (including Caribana) and concerts across the country.

“Tourists from around the world came over to our Festival to take in the music, buy the Caribbean food and of course get pictures with our beautiful models,” Yvette Martin told the camera. “ It was steady all day and then at night there were thousands taking in the shows with Kobo Town Kobo, Korexion, and Canadian Calypso Monarch Joel Davis (Connector). Another big hit? The Friday and Saturday night firework showd over the Falls, right after our performers got off the stage!”

“The Niagara Parks Commission was extremely happy with the festival. It was family friendly, completely different from what is normally happening in the city and best of all free,” continued Yvette Martin. “The festival came out during the program and confirmed that we will be next year and hopefully many years to come!”

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