About MNI Alive

MNI Alive is the Digital Publishing House of Marketing, News & Information Media (MNI Media).

MNI Alive.com works in synergy with our Digital Marketing, Public Relations and Strategic Communications Agency – MNI Digital. (www.mni.digital)

Both brands, MNI Alive and MNI Digital are owned and operated by parent company MNI Media.

At MNI Alive.com our business is strictly information – accurate, informative, engaging and useful for our wide and varied audience.  Hence, we term ourselves to be “Global Traders of Information.”

Our vision is to connect and engage people, businesses and service providers globally to each other. Our information delivery involves a professional, innovative and modernised avenue here at MNI Alive.com, where we provide Marketing, Promotional and Advertising services for businesses, individuals, NGOs, Governments or any service provider who may desire the use of our media resource.

MNI Media is uniquely positioned to be a connective resource across a range of sectors to include entertainment, politics, business, empowerment, health and much more.

Mission Statement

MNI Alive.com’s is a content exchange platform where information is shared in a professional manner on a professionally managed and operated media outlet.