St. Martin’s New Eatery is Literally Making Waves

Balaou Restaurant, St. Martin

Jesson & Co / MNI Alive

Release Date

Friday, April 26, 2024


While lunch on the beach has long been a trademark experience in The Caribbean, an adventurous new eatery in St. Martin is taking flavourful fare off the sands and onto the waves.

Just a few splashes away from the picturesque beach in Grand Case, St. Martin, lies a new culinary landmark - though no land is involved! Balaou Restaurant is a delightful floating oasis moored less than 100 metres offshore in the calm, crystal-clear waters of the bay.

The menu is focused yet delicious, given the tiny size of the solar-powered kitchen, but the chef manages to produce a fabulous selection of island-flavoured pizzas from lobster to vegan, as well as tapas for sharing and what the locals call ‘bokits’: hefty fried sandwiches with a creative range of fillings.

Signature cocktails include a Piña Colada served for sharing between two in a hollowed-out pineapple and a rum punch served in a coconut shell. Hot and cold drinks, and a healthy selection of rums, tequilas and beers, juices, soft drinks and pop are also on hand. 

Getting to Balaou is easy, whether by jet ski, powerboat, paddling a kayak or under sail. If one is stuck on land, just call and they’ll send over their pontoon taxi. Space on the floating banquettes moored alongside the cookshack is very limited so reservations are a must at this popular new spot. Open from lunchtime to sunset, with all-day snacks in between.

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