Jamaica To Consider Stronger Measures To Punish Child Molesters

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Wednesday, September 25, 2013


Jamaica government is contemplating stronger measures to deal with child molesters in the wake of several criminal attacks on children.

"I say to those of you who believe that you can just be worthless and prey on the little children, stop it (because) I have spoken to the minister of justice that we should craft legislation so that DNA can prove a rape or molestation so that no one can go free when they molest our children," Prime Minister Portia Simpson Miller told delegates attending the ruling People's National Party's (PNP) 75th annual conference on Sunday.

We cannot allow our children to be abused and at times murdered by these cruel, evil and wicked people," she told the delegates, making reference to the recent case of a 15-year-old girl, who was raped and then viciously chopped by her father.

Prime Minister Simpson Miller said the incident had brought tears to the eyes of the women in her Cabinet.

"I want to appeal to those possessing evil, brutish minds; take your eyes of those little girls, those children," she said, appealing to parents to stay close to their children.

"How can anyone look at a child and hurt that child? Prime Minister Simpon Miller asked, noting that gone are the days when communities would seek to look out for the well-being of children.

"I want to appeal to communities to look out for the children... as a child growing up I was protected by the adults and a child [older] was protective of me, so let us protect the future of our country.

Failure to report child abuse can result in persons being charged and face a fine of J$500,000 (One Jamaica dollar = US$0.01 cents) or six months in prison as stipulated by the Child Care and Protection Act

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