Dominic "Deebzlenuz" Lee Mega-Single "My Daddy" Video Release Today: He Shares More About Song Creation


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Release Date

Thursday, April 19, 2018


Dominic "Deebzlenuz" Lee says that the "My Daddy" song was inspired by Serafin Revolucionario, who created an amazing instrumental, and video for his dad who is very ill!

Lee says that he was scrolling through some YouTube videos one day when he stumbled upon an instrumental called Serafin El Revolucionario -Haciendo Un Beat Romantic Style.

He says; "This sound, I found to be very intriguing. What made it even more intriguing to me is that it was created by the mixing engineer who mixed my first album "Outta Mi Soul", and my fifth album "Outta Mi Soul 2". I was sitting in my car with my brother Sharnon when I discovered the instrumental. I said to Sharnon I was gonna write a song to the beat before the day was done. Shortly after I started humming the melody of the chorus! The words came shortly after. "

Song Lyrics

My Daddy

Da One ya fi di fadda dem (ooh)
Da One ya fi di fadda dem (ooh)
Da One ya fi di fadda dem. (ooh)
Cause everybody sing bout di Madda dem
Da One ya fi di fadda dem (ooh)
Da One ya fi di fadda dem (ooh)
Da One ya fi di fadda dem (ooh)
Cause everybody chat bout di Madda dem

Pre Chorus
Mammy a complain granny a complain
Granny a complain mammy a complain
Why dem a complain Ana complain
I don't know
Mammy a complain Ana a complain
Granny a complain Ana complain
Why dem a complain Ana complain
I don't know

Cause my daddy work hard
An a him sew di seed
And look wa him reap
Something six foot three (repeat)

Verse 1

Even tho me never grow wid no fadda
Still me hafi big up ever fadda
Wouldn't deh if it wasn't for my father
Thank God for the day that my mother met my father

Big up every sperm donor
My daddy not a sperm donor
My daddy spend U S and pound round ya
My granny never raise no clown round ya

Real word sound and power
We no talk nothing bout truth round ya
We no talk bout no boy madda round ya
So no try dis my dadda round ya

Cause my daddy work hard
An a him sew di seed
And look wa him reap
Something six foot three (repeat)

Verse 2
You better show love to you fadda
And respect fi you fadda
Couldn't deh ya if it wasn't fi you fadda
Wave you rag and you flag put you hand Ina di air fi you fadda

No boy coulda replace me fadda
Dem can't show love like me fadda
Dem never grow hard like me fadda
Dem boy deh soft like she Barda

My daddy is a mechanic
My daddy car body specialist
My daddy is a perfectionist
My daddy gyal body specialist

Cause my daddy work hard
An a him sew di seed
And look wa him reap
Something six foot three (repeat 4x)

Deebzlenuz went on to share; "I didn't complete the song that same day, but I was able to record a rough draft of the whole song! The next day I let my brother Sharnon hear what I had, and he liked it a lot! He gave me a few tips on the parts that he thought could be stronger, and I took his advice and changed them! Once I was done recording the song, I called Serafin, and told him that I discovered the tribute video and instrumental, he did for his dad! He was also excited after hearing the lyrics I laid down to his beat! The only problem was someone already used the instrumental on their project. I was a bit disappointed, but I also knew the solution, so I ask Serafin if he could create a similar one for my song. A few days later I was sent a rough draft, which I liked a lot but felt needed work. Serafin took my advice and made the changes that was needed. I fell in love with the new beat, even more than the original. It had similar qualities but it was also unique, due to the fact he dropped the octave of the song down one notch. A day or two later I rerecorded the vocals and sent it to my friend Axis GettinCash. He gave me the advice that I should add a child singer in the chorus. It was an easy decision to ask my daughter Arianna, (who was seven years old at the time), if she wanted to do it. She happily said yes. I wrote the lyrics on a piece of paper, sang it to her and told her to practice. I went back into my car to listen to the song, about ten minutes shortly after Arianna came to my car and to my surprise said she was ready to record. We went into the studio and she laid down the vocals effortlessly! I was amazed by how fast she adapted to the studio environment. I sent the vocals off to get mixed by Serafin the next day. He told me Arianna’s vocals were a great addition to the song, which I was happy to hear. About two days later Serafin started working on the mix."

"I was very excited to work on the mix!", said Serafin.

Deebzlenuz further sharing the outlay on the new song goes on to say; "He also had a strong connection to the song because it was about my dad, just like the original instrumental was for his dad. He worked on the mix for a few hours and gave it a rest, since he personally wanted to lay down some additional background vocals. The next day Serafin finished the mix, and sent it to me. I was so amazed by how good the overall song and mix came out, that I decided to make it the first single for my album "Outta Mi Soul 2".

I chose to use the "My Daddy" song as my first single for 2018 because I know everyone in the world had or has a father, and should be able to relate to it. I also realized a lot of artists sing songs about their mothers, and never remember to sing about the fathers. This was important to me because as we all know we could not be here without our fathers, who in my eyes are just as important in our life as our mothers. The only thing we ever hear about are "dead beat dads", etc. Even though I didn't grow up with my dad, I always had the same love, and respect for him as I had for my Mother! The Bible said "honor thy parents, your days shall be long." I too believe one should never disrespect there parents, and shouldn't love one more than the next."

Deebzlenuz and his team from Skillz Kingz Entertainment decided that they wanted to shoot a video for his "My Daddy" single because of the responses Deebzlenuz was getting from all those who he let hear the song. The video shoot took place in New Canaan and Bridgeport Connecticut, USA. It was shot and edited by Edwin Escobar.

Deebzlenuz says: "I really like how Edwin developed and brought my idea to life said Deebzlenuz, I was very happy with the results!"

The video gave Deebzlenuz the confidence he needed to go ahead with the release of his My Daddy single which is schduled for May 1st, 2018.

"I decided I wanted to release the My Daddy single in my home land Montserrat, British West Indies," said Deebzlenuz!

"Basil Chambers of ZJB radio happily said he would gladly be the first to Interview / release the My Daddy Single.

"The response was exactly what we wanted" said Deebzlenuz. Few days later Rose Willock of ZJB radio also Interviewed / Released, the My Daddy single on her Saturday morning show. The responses was also amazing.

"The people of Montserrat were able to recognize my voice when they heard me speak randomly in public. Few of them asked if I was the Guy that sung the My Daddy song. The response was exactly what we expected." said Deebzlenuz.

"I would personally like to thanks everyone involved for the amazing job they did, to make the My Daddy, single possible. Special thanks to Serafin El Revolucionario, and Richard Anger for inspiring the song. Also special thanks to Alicia Brissett Lee, Sharnon Lee, Shawn Jarrett, Arianna Lee, And Edwin Escobar for your contributions."

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