Young People For (YP4) Civic Engagement Training Series Starts Today in the United States


Young People For

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Wednesday, July 1, 2020


There is an amazing opportunity for young people in the United States to take advantage of ! Registration for YP4's Virtual Civic Engagement Training Series and Summit is now open.

Young People For (YP4) is a social justice incubator. YP4 provides life-long social justice leadership training to unlock the potential of young people historically left out of opportunity. They are a national network that centers black, brown, indigenous, disabled, and LGBTQ+ leaders in education, media, politics, business, government, and everywhere.

YP4 trains young people across the country to center civic engagement in their communities by centering the issues they care about. They are building a force of young people equipped to break down barriers to the ballot box and mobilize their communities to the polls. Not just for the next election, but for a lifetime.

The Virtual Civic Engagement Training Series will break down each level of government to explore what’s at stake for our communities using COVID- 19 as a case study. It will explain how international politics work with our three branches of government and how we can build power during this election and beyond.

Register here to attend!


  • July 1st: Civic Engagement Training: Local
  • July 8th: Civic Engagement Training: State
  • July 15th: Civic Engagement Training: Federal
  • July 22nd: Civic Engagement Training: International

Times: 7:30PM – 9PM EST

he trainings will culminate in the Virtual Civic Engagement Summit on August 4th - 7th, 2020.  The Summit will engage participants from ALL states and territories in series of virtual experiences, conversations, workshops, community building opportunities, and more. Participants will learn how to better understand the moment we’re living in, conceptualize their role in this work, and find moments of community and joy.

If you have any questions about the trainings or Summit, please contact

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