You can Start a Business in Five Days, Says Entrepreneur Nerissa Golden


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Wednesday, October 8, 2014


Media Strategist and Business Coach Nerissa Golden has released a free download called Start a Business in Five Days in the hopes of getting more people to put their dreams and ideas of business ownership down on paper as the first step to bringing them into existence.

"Over the years as I train at workshops or speak individually to people, they often need some hand holding to get them to keep moving once they’ve taken that initial step of saying I want to own a business," explained Golden. "The workbook provides a template for working through some of the basic steps that anyone considering starting a business should consider."

Surprisingly, having enough money to start the business, is not one of the first steps.

"That comes later," Golden says. "Finding the money to fulfill your dream becomes easier once you’ve solidified what you want to do and how committed you are to achieving it. Quite often you may hear "no" several times before a banker or investor says "yes." You’ve got to have a deeper awareness about your commitment to starting and growing the business before others will want to support it. Your mind game has to be right."

The free download is available on and provides worksheets to complete for each of the five days. The first day is focused on identifying the natural talents that many people overlook as potential moneymaking opportunities. It also encourages the budding entrepreneur to brainstorm a list of business ideas which will be later linked to those gifts and the opportunities in the community.

"Later on in the workbook, every effort should be made to survey different people outside of your usual circle to assess who your potential customers would be. It is important as you can review your strategy and develop a business model which could offer different levels of the same service at varying price points," she explained.

While the download was focused primarily on people wishing to start sole proprietorships, Golden noted that the principles are transferrable to ventures which could employ others. "Over the years I’ve used the basic concept to start a sandwich business which I only ran for a few months to help meet a short term financial need but I also used it to start a school which employs staff and continues to operate today."

For more information on starting a business visit to access more resources and support.


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