Wilford "Moose" Meade Confirms Intentions to Contest Montserrat Elections 2014


Jeevan Robinson

Release Date

Friday, March 28, 2014


MNI Alive: Global Caribbean Media can exclusively confirm that Wilford "Moose" Meade will be contesting the 2014 elections on Montserrat.

Moose, as he is known primarily to locals, confirmed his intentions with MNI Alive's Editor-in-Chief in a talk earlier today about the state of affairs on Montserrat.

Mr Meade indicated that once official campaigning starts he will be making his voice vocal on the issues that he sees plaguing the island. What troubles him particularly, he tells MNI Alive, is the seemingly quiet campaigning by potential candidates who are seeking to challenge the incumbent MCAP administration, led by Premier Reuben T Meade.

As he told MNI Alive earlier today, his desire is not to be an overt challenger to Premier Meade but rather, as he has spoken with so many of the prospective candidates, he is yet to hear firm plans for growth and job creation to take Montserrat forward.

His platform will be one of inclusiveness and positioning he further indicated, where he will be presenting his ideas to the electorate during this upcoming election period, on how best to move Montserrat forward.


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