Whitefish, Pink Sands: How Barbuda Became a Caribbean Sushi Haven

Nobu restaurant sign in Barbuda

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Monday, May 16, 2022


Barbuda - the unspoilt Caribbean destination perhaps best known for its pink sand beaches and Frigatebird-frequented lagoons - has been the talk of the region lately, winning culinary accolades in a somewhat unexpected category. While Antigua’s sparsely populated sister island has always impressed visitors with its fresh and abundant seafood, it’s now winning gastronomic glory as the place to go for sushi in the Caribbean.

World-class Japanese cuisine on a Caribbean island may seem an odd fit, but that’s exactly what drew international culinary darling Nobu to the island. Serving up Peruvian-Japanese fusion cuisine, the trendy Robert De Niro-backed restaurant opted to open up one of their latest franchises directly on one of the island’s idyllic beaches. Now, visitors flock to Barbuda to savour an array of flavours that, just years ago, would have been impossible to find on the island. We imagine the chance of running into Mr. De Niro, who maintains a residence nearby, also may have something to do with it. 

On the menu, Nobu favourites with Japanese roots like A5 wagyu, whitefish sashimi, and spicy snow crab mingle with dishes clearly paying homage to classic Barbudan fare, including whole grilled lobster and Island Rum Roasted Pineapple & Coconut sorbet. This scrumptious synthesis has breathed new life into Antigua’s quieter sibling; and while many guests come for the food, they quickly fall in love with the pink sands and vibrant wildlife that has long made Barbuda a hidden gem.


Sushi on display at Nobu, Barbuda

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