When a Poet Dies: Dr Yvonne Weekes Pays Tribute to the late Dr Howard Fergus

Sir Howard Fergus

Dr Yvonne Weekes

Release Date

Wednesday, April 5, 2023

first, the sea
angry and wild pushes over the scorched land
butterflies hover in thyme gardens and are easily caught by hand
winds prevent soft breezes to be heard and their music bends
the trees in anguish, whistling against black sands.

secondly. the words.
letters lie in an empty shell
no teeth
or lips
or tongue can call
them out, no jeweled vowels
no scathing consonants
rhyme silenced
imagery vanished
tone dead

how to make sense of all of this
all this pain
knowing that his words
gems of possible creation
no ink can bring to bear?

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