What is The Premier of Montserrat's Health Status? Two Submissions from "What's on Your Mind" Shared with MNI Media


What's on your mind

Release Date

Thursday, August 5, 2021


Two submissions from ZJB Radio's morning programme, "What's On Your Mind?" hosted by Mr Basil Chambers were today shared with MNI Media for publication.

Both submissions have to do with the health of Montserrat's Premier and his alleged prolonged hospitalization.

No official word has been forthcoming from the Government's PR machinery on the same.

First Submission below:

Good morning Bas

I am hearing that our Honourable Premier is hospitalized. If this is indeed so, don’t you think the nation should know? This gentleman is the Leader of our Island, if he is indeed ill it’s not only a matter of concern to his family and close friends, the entire Island should be informed. Additionally, this is a matter of State and is news worthy.

We would also like to know if the Deputy is now Acting Premier. The residents of this Island need to know who is in charge. This is a government we are running, not a supermarket! We need to be more open with certain information, because whatever happens to the Premier will affect all of us and the running of the island.

We might fight and argue and disagree, but when it comes to our health, we all get onboard and rally, that’s the Montserrat way! There are some great Montserrat principles that we should never let die, and caring for each other is one.

MCAP, now is your chance to lead on these issues and principles, don’t drop the ball, our young people are watching.

Mr. Premier get well soon and all the best. Hopefully. when you are back on your feet. we can revisit the conversation about decriminalizing God’s beautiful plant -  THE HERB.


Second submission featured below:

Basil good morning,

When you become a Premier or Head of Government, your life for the most part is no longer private. Your well-being, lifestyle and activities becomes public interest.

I learnt Premier Farrell has been hospitalized since Saturday or Sunday and neither ZJB nor the MCAPO PRO has informed the nation, so that we may offer prayers for his recovery, or support to the family.

In addition if the Premier is hospitalized, clearly, he cannot be running Government business from his hospital bed. The nation needs to be advised on this situation.

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