What Is Car Shipping, Can You Get It for Florida and How to Do It?

Car shipping

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Tuesday, August 29, 2023


If you’ve found yourself needing to transport a vehicle from one place to another, and if the distance is too long for you to want to drive, what should you do? Quite an easy answer. You should turn towards professionals for help and let them handle all the hard work while you’re relaxing. What kinds of professionals am I referring to, though?

Let me put it this way? Ever heard of car shipping? If you haven’t had to move your car anywhere outside your city before, you may not be familiar with this option. Now that you’re either buying or selling, or even moving to or from Florida, you’ll have to take it into consideration.

Put simply, the professionals I’m referring to above are those that can offer you the convenience of car transport in Florida without you having to even lift a finger, and let alone drive for far too long. Does that sound like something you’d love? Sure it does, which is why you want to learn more about car shipping in general.

What Is Car Shipping?

So, since the above sounds like an option you’d very much enjoy, you want to learn more about it. Getting your facts straight on everything will help you understand the service and, of course, decide if it’s right for you. Sure, you’ll also have to check if you can get this service for Florida, as well as how to go through the whole process correctly, so those are also the questions we’ll cover.

We are, however, going to begin with the most basic question. The one the answer to which illuminates the whole process and helps clear everything up. What exactly is car shipping?

Known as auto transport as well, this is basically the process of moving a vehicle from one specific location to a new one that the client provides, using a specialized trailer. A trailer that professionals have and that you don’t. The companies working in this industry are not only properly licensed, but also bonded and insured, thus guaranteeing safe delivery.

Two different types of the service to consider: https://www.retirementliving.com/open-vs-enclosed-car-shipping

Those different types of service depend, of course, on the type of the carrier. So, you have open and enclosed auto transport, and which one you will use depends on your personal preferences, as well as your budget. How do these differ, though?

car shipping in container

The open car shipping solution, apart from the obvious, that is, from the fact that it is done with an open carrier, is also the faster and the cheaper solution. Due to its pros, it is more common, which can also make scheduling a preferred arrival time easier. And, it is perfect for when the transportation you have to do is time-sensitive. Of course, the advantage of this option lies in the fact that the open carrier exposes your vehicle to road debris and weather conditions, so it will definitely need a good cleaning upon arrival, and there’s a bigger risk of damage.

The enclosed carrier, on the other hand, offers much more protection to the vehicle. Not being exposed to the outside conditions and circumstances, your car is bound to arrive to its new destination in the perfect state. Plus, the drivers of these carriers are often more experienced at handling high-end vehicles, which adds an additional layer of protection to it all.

Can You Get the Services for Florida?

Open or enclosed, one thing is for sure. You don’t want to drive. Sure, you could start constructing this story of a fun road trip at first, leading you to believing that the drive won’t be that difficult, but such thoughts are certainly bound to fade rather soon. After you start checking how far it is safe to drive in one day, which you can conveniently check on this website, and after you start making other arrangements, you’ll realize it just isn’t worth it.

So, you don’t want to drive and you only have one question on your mind. Can you get these shipping services for Florida, regardless of whether you’re planning to have the vehicle transported to this state or out of it? To cut right to the chase, the answer to that is yes. There are plenty of companies offering these auto transport services, so you certainly won’t have a hard time getting them.

How to Do It?

Before you jump right on board, or let your vehicle jump on the carrier to be more precise, you’ll want to do one more thing. Understand how you can use these services correctly. The most important thing to remember is that most of your work will be done once you find the right professionals for the job, meaning that choosing a transportation company should be your main focus. After you’ve done that, you’ll simply have to make the necessary arrangements, talk about the pick-up and arrival dates, the costs and anything else you’ll have to know. The experts will take it from there and, thus, allow you to relax.

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