Weddings, Relaxation, Activities or All-inclusive: Bahamas Tourism Executes Admirably


Jeevan A. Robinson (MNI Alive Media)

Release Date

Wednesday, November 23, 2016


There is a flood of images that come to mind when thinking of The Bahamas. Calm beaches; conch in all its various styles of preparation; the dizzy and pulsating beats of the junkanoo rhythm; or just the ease and relaxation of the Bahamian people.

Whatever it is, there is a cool atmosphere that pervades the islands of The Bahamas. There is something for everyone to do - from the nature lover to the thrill seeker. If you require all-inclusive accommodation for your visit, then there are top tiered hotels within the islands offering this type of comfort. However, if you are seeking something more off the popular path where crowds are less, and things are taken down a notch - then you can have that too at some of the destinations present throughout the island of The Bahamas. {module_webapps id="41638" filter="item" itemId="14159358"}

But what makes these islands so popular? What makes the tourism product on offer so highly successful? The Bahamian dollar stands par with the United States dollar. That in itself is not an easy thing to maintain for a chain of emerging economies in an ultra-competitive marketplace. But yet they do it.

The Bahamas’ proximity to mainland USA does help its tourism endeavours massively, as flight times over to the islands are reasonable, and in many cases from Florida airports, some flights are under an hour and some just over an hour. Great, if you just wish to slip in and out for some relaxation or fun.

The rallying call for The Bahamas' massive tourism success, I do believe, is rooted deeply within The Bahamas Ministry of Tourism and the hundreds of Tourism staff who work both on the island and in their various international locations to promote the island, and harvest the rich potential from the differing facets of tourism that are explored by the Tourism Ministry.

What I have observed is an innate love of what they do, from the Tourism officials with whom I have come into contact with. The passion for the island's tourism product and its marketing and promotion go beyond a job to earn a pay check, but rather in the very execution of their functions one can observe that there is a deep belief in the product itself.

The excitement and calm energy that is exuded is telling, as attention to detail takes pride and place in ensuring that The Bahamas is presented in the best possible manner. This behaviour, in my estimation, is the ultimate selling factor as to why the destination's success has been sustained over the years.

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The recent 16-Weddings Promotion held in The Bahamas where 16 couples from Canada were wed throughout varying locations of the island chain, compliments of the Ministry of Tourism – this was an example of the dedication to duty and care I refer to. It is universally known that wedding planning can be quite involved, with so much to remember and put in place. Imagine therefore, planning the weddings of 16 couples all to convene at the same time at 1600hrs at different locations.

Sounds like a task for The Gods! But Tourism Staff throughout the islands did it, to almost perfection.

The pre-planning for this 16 Weddings Promotion was evident. The execution during the days leading up the weddings was most comforting, and the delivery on the day of the ceremonies capped what will be a most memorable moment for the 16 couples that were involved.

The Bahamas can take pride that they do not just have beautiful islands that people the world over enjoy flocking to, but they also have wonderful people in charge of tourism promotion who work diligently to ensure that the livelihoods of thousands of Bahamians who depend on the tourism trade are maintained and continually given new avenues of growth.

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