Walking Antigua's Heritage Hotspots with Priest Isaac


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Monday, July 19, 2021


On the twin islands of Antigua and Barbuda, visitors will find no shortage of engaging guided experiences. Generally led by enthusiastic locals, these tours function as one of the primary vehicles for both preserving and sharing the culture and history unique to these islands. Among the many well-regarded local guides, Priest Isaac may just be in a league of his own. The Rastafarian priest-turned-guide has been known for leading compelling forays into heritage hotspots and uploads his exclusive tours to his YouTube page, making them available for everyone to enjoy.

Priest Isaac has been giving cultural tours of the incredible Greencastle Hill for as long as he can remember. Known as the “Stonehenge of the Caribbean”, this collection of megaliths is said to be the remains of an ancient observatory. In bringing visitors to this ancient site, Isaac promises an unforgettable cultural experience that is also sustainable: he protects the site and maintains the small paths that meander around the hillside.

The authentic tour concludes as visitors are invited to stroll through the lemongrass and acacia to view Greencastle Hill as Priest Isaac recites a memorable oral history of the monument. On the walk down from the tour, he gives the site a traditional blessing, preserving its sanctity for future visits.

Priest Isaac also incorporates his YouTube page as a platform to showcase the beauty of Antigua and Barbuda. With over 15,000 subscribers, he posts videos on his Rastafarian heritage and various other topics. Visiting his YouTube page (Priest Isaac) is a great way to pass some time and get excited about your next trip.

Priest Isaac is one of many amazing tour guides on the islands who guarantee incredible memories. If you’re planning a getaway to Antigua and Barbuda as soon as lockdown ends, make sure you soak up its history as well as its sun by walking with the islands’ beloved historian and custodian, Priest Isaac.

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