Unveil The Exumas: Pristine Beaches and Captivating Cays Await

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Monday, June 12, 2023


Located 35 miles southeast of Nassau, you’ll find The Exumas: the embodiment of Bahamian paradise. This exquisite chain of 365 islands is a beautiful oasis filled with private white-sand beaches, quiet cays, and opulent resorts that cater to the crème de la crème. The islands boast a rich history: once a salt mining port and notorious pirate hideaway, The Exumas transformed into a prosperous colony before eventually becoming the vacation haven we know (and love) today. As you glide through the beautiful turquoise waters of Great Exuma, Little Exuma, and Compass Cay - so crystal-clear that they're visible from outer space - you’ll bask in the glory of pristine coastlines that remain untouched. 

Of course, with 365 islands and so much to see, putting together an island-hopping itinerary for The Exumas may seem a little daunting. We invite you to come along and perhaps find a little inspiration as we journey through the must-see attractions of the amazing Exumas.

First Stop: Great Exuma: 

With its spectacular landscapes and crystal-clear turquoise waters, Great Exuma lives up to its name and offers numerous activities to satisfy every adventurer's soul. The largest sibling amongst the islands boasts grand hotels, resorts, and vacation rentals and is home to George Town, Exuma's capital city.

Gold Course

Sandals Emerald Bay Golf Course: Partake in the delight of playing at Sandals Emerald Bay Golf Course, where you can channel the talents of golfing legends Rory McIlroy, Jordan Spieth, and Scottie Scheffler. Developed by Greg Norman in 2003, this acclaimed course has received countless awards for its breathtaking ocean-side location, solidifying its status as one of the most picturesque golf courses in the Caribbean. Its stunning setting and challenging layout make it a golfer's paradise. 

Coco Plum Beach: This magnificent beach features one of the world's most breathtaking coastlines, a mesmerizing blend of sky-blue waters, gracefully swaying palm trees and an overall serene ambiance. Situated on the northeastern side of Great Exuma, approximately 15 miles north of George Town, this beach is ideal for picnics, seashell collecting, and the pleasurable pursuit of finding sand dollars. 

When it comes to enjoying picnics and indulging in seaside dining, look no further than Odyssey Picnic. Situated in the heart of Great Exuma, this luxury food service was featured in season 20 of The Bachelor. Specializing in creating unforgettable moments by collaborating with local farmers and artisans, they meticulously source handcrafted Bahamian goods to offer a curated cultural experience. With Odyssey Picnic, you can select a package of special arrangements. From here, they will provide you with an illustrative map, complete with detailed directions on how to reach the beach of your choice from various landmarks throughout Exuma. 

beach and boat in Exuma

Stop Two: Little Exuma
A small bridge (nicknamed “The Ferry”) connects Great Exuma and Little Exuma. Despite its small size, this smaller sibling packs a punch with its rich history, breathtaking scenery, and laid-back atmosphere that any guest can appreciate. 

Williams Town: Situated on the southernmost tip of Little Exuma, Williams Town is a delightful settlement acclaimed for its historical ruins of a former plantation home. This quaint village is a must-visit destination, boasting one of the most stunning stretches of sand in the Caribbean. In Williams Town, locals can guide you through various areas, including The Great Salt Pond, a body of water in the middle of the island where you can explore the charming historical background of Exuma's flourishing salt-raking industry. 

Tropic of Cancer Beach: Just a nine-minute drive from Williams Town on the Queen's Highway, you'll find yourself at Tropic of Cancer Beach. Also known as Pelican Beach, it boasts the longest seaside stretch in Little Exuma, with its secluded location and tranquil waters. If you're feeling hungry or thirsty, no worries! There's an on-beach eatery called Brea's Delights Bar & Grill. You can indulge in hotdogs, burgers, or a grilled chicken sandwich with cocktails. 

Girl on Swing in The Bahamas

Chat 'N' Chill Beach Bar & Grill: Located on Stocking Island, just a short boat ride from George Town, Chat 'N' Chill is a popular and laid-back destination cherished by locals and tourists alike. With an ocean-side view and picturesque waters, it offers an ideal atmosphere for visitors to relax on beach chairs or hammocks, immersing themselves in the beauty of The Exumas. This "slow food restaurant" serves delicious, handcrafted meals, including Island Grilled Fish, BBQ ribs, and their famous Make 'N' Eat Conch Salad, allowing guests to savour the flavours of The Bahamas. Occasional live music and beach parties add to the festive ambiance, providing an opportunity to unwind, soak in the atmosphere, and mingle with friendly stingrays. 

Pier in The Bahamas

The Last Stop: Compass Cay 
Our final destination brings us to the highly anticipated Compass Cay, a well-known haven for snorkelling enthusiasts seeking footprint beaches. This popular spot attracts visitors from far and wide as it promises to leave you longing for more of its natural wonders.

Compass Cay Marina: The marina is nestled amidst breathtaking natural beauty, crystal-clear turquoise waters, pristine white sandy beaches, and lush tropical landscapes. Compass Cay Marina is a coveted destination for boaters and travellers searching for a tranquil and picturesque setting to dock their vessels. It caters to individuals yearning to disconnect and offers many activities, such as diving and snorkelling, allowing exploration of the nearby cays and parks within the Exuma Islands. 

Rachel Bath: Located at the northernmost point of Compass Cay, this extraordinary natural phenomenon guarantees enjoyment for the entire family. Accessible by boat, Rachel's Bubble Bath is a must-do excursion when exploring the thermal spa on a yacht charter. The Bubble Bath is a serene lagoon gently separated from the open sea by a narrow strip of rock. During high tide, waves crash over the rocks and enter the calm pool, causing the water to swirl and froth, creating a delightful bubble-bath effect. Prepare your snorkelling gear as you may encounter sea rays and small fish surrounding your feet, offering an opportunity to witness Compass Cay's most precious creatures. 

The Exumas have it all. With their untouched beauty and endless opportunities for an unforgettable stay, these dynamic islands beckon you to set sail and let the allure of each unique destination captivate your senses. Get ready to create cherished memories and experience the wonders of The Exumas that will leave you longing for more. Start planning your own island-hopping adventure in The Exumas at https://www.bahamas.com/islands/the-exumas.

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