#UNITEWITHUKRAINE Raises US$18M To Equip Defenders of Ukraine

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Wednesday, April 20, 2022


The Unite With Ukraine (#UniteWithUkraine) campaign has raised 18 million USD to send non-lethal and protective equipment to Ukrainian territorial defenders on the frontline. The campaign is an ongoing initiative of the Ukrainian World Congress, which represents the interests of over of 20 million Ukrainians in over 60 countries.

The donations have enabled the campaign to procure:

  • 9,500 pieces of body armour
  • 5,700 armoured helmets
  • 129,000 tourniquets and Israeli bandages
  • 2,000 gas masks
  • 1,800 IFAKS and medic trauma packs
  • 76 night vision and thermal vision equipment
  • 25 drones
  • 1 unmanned aerial vehicle

As Russia continues its brutal offensive into Ukraine, the campaign intends to equip as many brave Ukrainians as possible with the necessary supplies to defend the nation. So far, working through various Ukrainian World Congress channels and partners, the campaign has managed to distribute multiple shipments of this vital equipment across the country.

Most recently this has included working with the Canadian charity “Help Us Help” to deliver 20,000 combat application tourniquets; 1,500 NATO-standard Individual first aid kits; and 300 Medic Trauma Packs to the frontline. Also, through a US partner “Nova Ukraine,” the campaign has supplied the Ukrainian battalion with 200,000 USD worth of tourniquets. As stated by co-chairman of Nova Ukraine Ostap Korkuna, these have the potential to save 9,000 Ukrainian lives.

These deliveries are critical to the Ukrainian forces and the need for these supplies and equipment is constant and only grows as Russian aggression continues.

Therefore, while the strength and resilience of the Ukrainian defenders remains solid, it is essential to support them with essential protective equipment and supplies.

As stated by UWC President Paul Grod, “The Ukrainian people are standing with unwavering resolve to defend their loved ones and their cherished values of freedom and democracy. We are grateful for the funds that have been raised but much more is urgently needed. We must stop Russia’s war crimes and genocide by supporting the defenders of Ukraine.”

To help Unite With Ukraine protect the lives of the men and women fighting for freedom, human rights, and dignity of the Ukrainian people please donate today at: www.unitewithukraine.com

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