Trinidad-based Actor Gregory Pollonais Aspires to Make an International Impact Through Acting


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Tuesday, April 2, 2019


From a tender age Trinidad-based actor and producer Gregory Pollonais has always had a fascination with the arts in particular the world of film. With a creative mind and determined spirit, he is currently pursuing his passion for film on a professional and international scale.

As a young boy growing up in Venezuela to Trinidadian parents, Gregory was already exposed to a multi-cultural lifestyle and developed an interest, inspiration and comfort in art, music, television and films.

During these formative years, the self-described introvert, loner and dreamer became more and more captivated with movies and immersed himself in storytelling and character development. This was amplified one year when he attended an American grade school and was exposed to elementary school drama classes and performed in his first stage production.

Even after being taken out of the international school and being placed in the public school system which didn't offer any curriculum or activities which supported careers in the arts, Gregory’s ambition to become a professional actor and film-maker never died, as some years later he would get back on the path to achieving his dreams.

After moving to Trinidad, Gregory who is also a graphic artist, IT specialist and self-taught drummer was jolted back onto his journey to progressing professionally in his first field of interest, and began actively researching and investing in means to make this a reality such as purchasing acting books & materials and enrolling in an acting class program. These classes were conducted via Skype with coaches from Los Angeles with notable Hollywood performance credits e.g. Kirk Baltz (Natural Born Killers, NCIS) and Rafael Noble (When We Were Pirates).

The bi-lingual thespian has amassed quite a few career industry accolades in the last decade such as winning a scholarship to an acting workshop in L.A. with Angela Gibbs (Straight Outta Compton, Insecure) and attending a workshop with renowned dialect coach Joy Ellison.

While in L.A., he also participated in acting seminars and visited the famed Beverly Hecht Agency, which expressed an interest in representing him.

Thus far, Gregory has had feature roles in several independent films which have premiered and been screened in theatres and international film festivals in T&T, Barbados and Cannes.

These include roles in the films: ‘Home Again’, ‘Escape from Babylon’, ‘Between Friends’ and ‘Tomb’ (which he also co-produced).

Most notably, he recently completed production on a short film which he produced and starred in called ‘An Appointment with Janey’. It is currently up for consideration for several international film festivals.

Though he expresses concern about the lack of funding and need for more private investment and marketing in the local & regional film sector, Gregory remains focused on his goal and diligent about keeping his skills sharp for upcoming opportunities in the global market.

He continues to be thankful for the constructive criticism of his work and for the support of family and friends. He shared, “To all my personal and professional supporters, I say thank you. Without movie fans, there would be no film industry!”

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