Travelers To The United Kingdom From Montserrat Will Require COVID-19 Vaccination Proof Verification Letter

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Friday, November 12, 2021


Travelers to the United Kingdom from Montserrat will now require a verification letter as proof of COVID-19 vaccination.

This notice was delivered by the Ministry of Health and Social Services on Montserrat — the issuing body for these letters for persons on the island who have been vaccinated.

To request a verification letter, travelers should contact the Chief Medical Officer via email to with  carbon copies (cc) to; and

The request should include the following information:

  1. Copy of COVID-19 vaccination card
  2. Copy of the passport biography page
  • United Kingdom address
  1. The name of clinic where the vaccines were administered

Travelers should permit five working days for processing and issuing of the letter.

Authorities from the United Kingdom have indicated that the need for verification letters stems from the fact that COVID-19 vaccination cards are too easily falsified. The verification letter therefore represents an added level of security against fraudulent vaccination cards.

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