Tourism Division on Montserrat to Host Two Day Mixology Workshop


Release Date

Tuesday, September 18, 2018


The Tourism Division on Montserrat in collaboration with COSME and English Harbour Rum, will be mounting a mixology workshop from Wednesday September 19 to Friday, September 21 at Good Eats Restaurant in Brades.

According to information from the Tourism Division, the two-day mixology course will provide an opportunity for bartenders to learn the art of mixing cocktail drinks. The Tourism Division, under the portfolio of the Office of the Premier, explained that the objectives of the workshop are to:

1. Introduce new, innovative and exciting twists on classic cocktails;

2. Focus on the history of cocktails and bartending from the basic drink to the most sophisticated;

3. Teach bartenders how to make homemade products and turn great drinks into absolute perfection

Individuals will also learn about the origins of bartending; be introduced to modern day products, techniques and cocktail recipes used by regional and international bartenders.

The Tourism Division stated, “As Montserrat strikes to attract more tourists to our shores, the aim is to be able to provide for the discerning tastes of these persons. One such way is through our cuisine; the Caribbean is well known for its flavourful foods. In Montserrat, efforts are constantly being made to improve on the preparation and presentation of our culinary efforts, however the same has not been applied to drinks. This programme is being organised as one of the initial steps to address this short fall.”

The workshop will be conducted in two sessions per day—a morning session starting at 10 o’clock followed by a session at 5:30 in the afternoon. Each session will be conducted for two hours.

Individuals have already registered for the workshop, however there is limited space still available should others be interested in attending.

COSME is the European Union’s (EU) programme for the Competitiveness of Enterprises and Small and Mediums-sized Enterprises.

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