Toronto Technology Company Bridging The Gap Between Academic Requirements and Industry Needs

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Wednesday, September 21, 2022


The Xebia Academy is an IT consultancy formed to explore and create new frontiers in the field.

Technology has become a hot topic in strategic discussions across all industries. It has led to an emergence of job opportunities, and Xebia Academy equips new engineering graduates with IT skills and knowledge on digital transformation technologies to master skills in a tech savvy environment, giving them an edge in the industry.

Through their academic program, Xebia builds a strong foundation of blended contemporary courses on DevOps, Artificial Intelligence, Full Stack Development, Data Science, Machine Learning and many more. The Academy was awarded the ‘Best Training Organization’ by the Economic Times.

It promotes digital transformation and brings IT solutions to the table, working from start to finish, analyzing in-depth each customer requirement and providing solutions to satisfy the needs of the business. Using cutting-edge tools and training services its end goal is to enable the full potential of any business.

Learn more about Xebia at Xebia has offices in Toronto.

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