Toronto's Scotiabank Caribbean Carnival Launches Junior Carnival for 2013

The Junior Carnival media lunch

Jeevan Robinson

Release Date

Wednesday, July 3, 2013


The Junior Carnival Media Launch for Toronto's Scotiabank Caribbean Carnival 2013 took place yesterday at Downsview Park, Toronto. This event signals Toronto's carnival season is not just getting warmed up but it is finally here.ÔøΩ

The event on Tuesday began at 11:30AM. It was primarily a launch not for the general public, even though some came along to witness the spectacle that was unfolding with the children - but this was a chance for the media to interact directly with the junior aspect of this great carnival tradition held yearly in Toronto.ÔøΩ

Commendation must be given to the entire Scotiabank Caribbean Carnival team, Chris Alexander and his colleagues. Particularly, mention must be made of Eric Delfish who has the responsibility of being Chair of the Junior Carnival Committee that organised Tuesday's event at Downsview Park.ÔøΩ

The media launch on Tuesday saw the youths performing a sampling of their respective carnival troupe costumes and dances for those in attendance. Some of the costume presentations included:ÔøΩ

THE REEF - Marcus Eustace, Carnival Nationz,ÔøΩ

HEAVEN AND EARTH - Louis Saldenah, Louis Saldenah Mas-K ClubÔøΩ

ONCE UPON A TIME - Jamaal Magloire, Toronto RevellersÔøΩ

ANCIENT LEGENDS - Will Morton, Fantazia InternationalÔøΩ

LOST CIVILIZATIONS - Narissa Ali, Blues Carnival FusionÔøΩ

HOME FOR CARNIVAL - Osei Brand, Carnival RevolutionÔøΩ

Also, the media was treated to flavourful renditions from some of the junior calypsonians. The renditions themselves serve well for the future survival of the calypso artform in Toronto, as the performances were very professional and attention grabbing. Congratulations must be extended to Masada who sang, "Leh We Dance" and Jaeden who performed, "I love School/"

Carnival of course would never be complete without steel pan music, and in attendance was the St Jamestown Youth Centre Steel Orchestra who gave a melodic representation of the Canadian National Anthem.ÔøΩ

The Scotiabank Caribbean Carnival Junior Parade, Junior Calypso Showcase, and Junior Steel Band Showcase is set to take place at Downsview Park on July 20th. Over 2000 children are expected to take part in this year's event, which is set to run from 11:00AM to 6:00PM.ÔøΩ

This year's event will start East of Keele and Sheppard Ave W, cross over the William Baker Park Bridge and enter the park, ending the parade on Carl Hall Road for the big family day party.

According to event organiser, Eric Delfish, "Last year was our first year at Downsview, and we had some challenges along the route. Based on what happened last year, and knowing already we are going to have more children in 2013, we have tightened up the route to improve the flow of the parade and provide better viewing for spectators."

Delfish further stated, The children of today are the people that will be running our festival in years to come, so it is vital that we get youngsters enthused about the culture, explained Mr. Delfish. The generous support of Chevrolet guarantees that the traditions of Carnival will continue to be passed onto the youth of Toronto.

Judging from yesterday's junior carnival media launch, this year's show will be a great event to witness.

For pictures of the media launch event, click on the following link:ÔøΩ


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