Toronto Restaurant Group Naan Kabob Partners with Warming Centres to Combat Homelessness this Winter

Food distribution in Toronto by Naan Kabob

Enterprise Canada

Release Date

Monday, February 12, 2024


In May of last year, the Toronto City Council issued a clear call to action, declaring homelessness an emergency and emphasizing the need for prompt and decisive measures. As winter descends, the urgency intensifies, underscoring the imperative for impactful actions to address the escalating concerns surrounding those without shelter.

Responding to this pressing issue, the city has activated 170 spaces across four warming centres to provide refuge when temperatures drop to -5 degrees. These facilities play a crucial role in protecting individuals from cold-related injuries and, in extreme cases, even death due to severe weather conditions.

In a collaborative initiative to support these warming centres, NAAN KABOB will provide nourishing Afghan cuisine during the extended operating hours of these facilities.

“In every corner of our community, a heightened urgency to address homelessness persists,” says Fahim Ahmadi, Vice President of Marketing & Development at NAAN KABOB. “Our initiative goes beyond the act of providing meals; it encompasses building a lasting and positive relationship with the community during these challenging times.”

NAAN KABOB is set to present a diverse array of signature dishes to the warming centres, including a variety of salad, basmati rice, kabobs and naan.

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