Tips For Decluttering Around Your Home Before The Holidays

Junk truck collecting junk in winter

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Friday, December 17, 2021


Here are the top 10 items from Canada's JUSTJUNK, a national junk removal company, on decluttering for the Christmas season:

1. Christmas Lights - We see hundreds upon hundreds of often tangled lights as people realize the ones they have no longer work. So, instead of going bulb-by-bulb and figuring out which one has blown, they toss the old ones and buy new sets for the holiday season.

  1. Toys and Books -Parents eagerly clear out old toys and outgrown children's books in preparation for upcoming gifts. Our teams will often see full totes and storage bins full of toys that parents will sometimes even sort by age for us.

  2. BBQs and Lawn Equipment- Old barbecues, lawn mowers, weed whackers and gardening tools are often picked up by our teams once homeowners 'shut down' their back deck or garden for the winter with the intention of buying newer models in the spring.

  3. Mattresses -As stores begin to offer more seasonal deals on mattresses, our teams are called in to remove and dispose of the massive influx of old mattresses.

  4. Video Game Consoles -Video game consoles from the last generation or two (Playstation 3's and 4's, Xbox Ones and Nintendo Wiis) and games frequently come through moving into winter as our customers are making room for the newer consoles for their kids or themselves.  

  5. Cardboard boxes- From pre-Christmas shopping Amazon deliveries or just general shopping, people often have an influx of boxes to dispose of this time of year, which we happily recycle for them.  

  6. Old Wrapping paper and ChristmasDecorations - People often get rid of these as they realize that what they saved from last year  is just not what they want for this year's gifts.

  7. Guest Rooms -in preparation for visiting family from abroad, we see many customers clearing out entire guest rooms leading up to holiday stays.

  8. Storage Space Clearouts -Bringing out decorations seems to get people to clear out the rest of the junk they've been storing over the year and give us a call to quickly and easily dispose of.

  9. Clothing -Across Canada our teams always see a spike in bags of clothing they'd like donated as they sort out their winter clothing and put away summer pieces.

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