They Do Not Truly Love Reuben T Meade as They Are Pretending To Do. RTM Don't Be Fooled


Jeevan A. Robinson - MNI Media

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Tuesday, October 22, 2019


Montserrat is a haven for tranquility and easy living,  but some of its people can also be an oddity.

Some of the alliances formed during this 2019 elections season beggars belief. 

There is such an anthem of fake associations and pronunciations taking place, that to determine who is real and who isn't requires a stiff mix of something that alters the chemical reactions within the human body. If one so chooses that is! 

Dishonest engagers who jump on bandwagons; often not because it is in the best interest of Montserrat, but more so to seek to draw on someone's public profile, vote getting capabilities, and other such modes of politicking.

A few years ago MNI Media was sent a "dossier" on Former Premier of Montserrat Reuben T Meade. It was two A4 sheets that listed out all of RTM's alleged crimes against the nation. It was from someone who also apparently loves RTM.  I refused to publish any of the information contained, and was verbally abused via email exchanges for being an RTM supporter. Apparently RTM paid MNI to keep the dossier from being published. I swear you hear the most laughable rumours from within the circle of Montserratians' chatter. 

They assumed that because MNI disagreed with RTM's politics, and expressed openly our dismay with his failings in Leadership, that such expressions equated to a dislike of the man. So when the request to publish was denied, their tongue was sharp and swift. (Yes Reuben, MNI has taken blows for you. Don't keel over now! Lol!)

This brings me to another matter. 

During elections season 2014 I arrived on Montserrat. I visited a scientific politician in Geralds, and we sat and spoke as he explained that he was seeking to join the Election fray, and it was MCAP he was considering running with. 

I asked the Scientist, why would you do such a thing? He explained that Romeo had approached, but he did not favour Romeo, but also he had a plan to 'cool off" Reuben. 

You see, the Scientist joined MCAP not for any ideals of "patriotism" or "love of country" and all that political emotively strangulating language. That is all rubbish. They did not and have not liked Reuben T Meade, and are only pretending to do so to ride Reuben's political clout (whatever that may be. He's retired remember) towards getting RTM's people to vote for them.

The execution points as explained to me at the home in Geralds was to join MCAP; win a seat; then from the inside be the "cooler" for RTM from within Cabinet.

Subsequently, the Scientist and myself sat at Carr's Bay at the location where the Buss-a-lyme event is held. We spoke again after he had then joined MCAP, and was going to contest the 2014 elections as their candidate. I asked; "So who would be Premier after you push Reuben out?

The response was not for Easton Taylor-Farrell. The response was not for Charles Kirnon or any senior politician within that mix. The exact response was: "Me of course!"

Then you now hear them on ZJB radio speaking so fondly about Mr Meade this, and Mr Meade that. All lies and pretence. They do not truly like Reuben T Meade, nor wish him around MCAP, as they are seeking to have RTM's supporters believe. Don't worry RTM, I like you, even though I don't agree with you! Lol. 

I asked the Scientist to deny these things about three times previously. He can't and he won't; for he knows the speak is truthful. Let him deny these conversations ever took place. The Scientist has already displayed such levels of dishonesty on the campaign trail, let us see just how low the dishonesty within the Scientist will go. 

Easton Taylor-Farrell you're the next target if ever you win them this election. MNI told you before, watch your back!  

Work has already begun to undermine Hon Easton Taylor earlier this summer.

They do not love Reuben. It is all a big game of pretence.

Who is this Scientist? Who knows! The Scientist may yet choose to once again "out" themselves, or send their surrogates as always to do their dirty works, while pretending their hands are clean.

Note: Jeevan A. Robinson is Editorial Director of Marketing, News & Information Media - MNI Media. He can be reached at

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