The Vibrant Churches and Cathedrals of Antigua and Barbuda

Churches of Antigua and Barbuda

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Thursday, August 25, 2022


While exploring Antigua and Barbuda, you won’t be able to miss the many extraordinary churches and cathedrals that dot the idyllic island landscape. What makes these venerable relics truly remarkable is the captivating architecture and colour schemes used in their construction. Visiting these beautiful buildings takes you back to the colonial period, offering a glimpse of the Anglican, Pentecostal and Catholic religious traditions that defined the era . Today, the storied churches and cathedrals of Antigua and Barbuda have taken on new life as sightseeing locales… though a few remain as places of active worship! 

In the 1700s, the nascent colonial towns in Antigua and Barbuda came tumbling down…literally! Antigua and Barbuda was hit by devastating earthquakes, severely damaging its beautiful churches. Antigua and Barbuda’s colonial past architecture is so incredible that the buildings have been lovingly restored to glory over the years. Today they are a must-see attraction while driving around Antigua and Barbuda.

Some of the country’s fascinating churches to visit include the St. John’s Cathedral. Its intricate mouldings remain intact and date back to the 1800s. This landmark is perched on a hill in St. John’s with a panoramic view of the island. 

Another beautiful church with a rich history is the St. Barnabas Anglican Church. This impressive church is known for its shimmering Antigua green limestone that can’t be missed while wandering through the village of Liberta. 

Antigua and Barbuda’s churches and cathedrals are picturesque places to visit while learning about the country's history. The remarkable churches bring both travellers and locals together to practice worship and admire their beauty. The historic buildings have been around for centuries and are unique in their “Antigua-ness”. If we’ve piqued your interest, you can learn more about exploring Antigua and Barbuda at 

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