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My Art Concierge Release

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Friday, November 13, 2020


My Art Concierge is a clever application and platform which aims to modernize the art world as we know it. The application, which solves the starving artist stereotype sits on the Shopify app store connecting talented marketers looking to sell custom hand painted art on their store with a network of artists looking for orders to paint. The platform functions in a similar way to Uber, which connects customers looking for rides with drivers looking to drive. 

Over the last seven years, Chris Jensen, who has been selling art online through Nobilified, a pioneer in the personalized portraits space, has learnt a couple things. First, that the art world has infinite niches, and secondly, that talented artists are terrible at marketing themselves.  

Jensen says, People want to commission paintings of everything nowadays, whether it is a photo they took on holiday or a photo of their dog or just an idea they have in their mind. When I meet an artist and tell them that I am an art dealer, we usually end up brainstorming ways for them to sell more pieces. Art schools do a great job of teaching their students how to create, but fail at teaching the art of self-promotion.”

My Art Concierge allows artists looking for more work to register and get approved by submitting their portfolio. Once approved, they will have access to a number of real-time orders waiting to be painted. They simply select an order, paint the piece as described, and submit it through the app for approval by the final customer. Once approved, they ship the piece to My Art Concierge, who inspect it, frame it, and ship it to the end customer.  

Jensen says, The outsourcing of art production by popular artists is nothing new. Contemporary artists such as Damien Hirst or Kehinde Wiley are well known as having entire teams of artists to help execute and bring their visions to life. On top of marketers, My Art Concierge also works with artists who are seeking to sell hand-painted copies of their work, instead of prints. Thanks to My Art Concierge, any artist can have a remote team of talented artists at their fingertips to help them complete projects on deadline.”

My Art Concierge also works as an app helping seasoned marketers find new, high-quality white label products to drop-ship. By setting up a Shopify website and downloading the app, marketers can build a store around a certain niche, such car aficionados or horse lovers, and target their customers through paid targeted ads. When they sell a painting, the orders go through the app and are connected to an artist, who will paint the piece and submit it for review once complete. My Art Concierge takes care of the whole process, allowing the marketers to focus on selling more paintings.   

Jensen says, Being an art dealer can be quite a hassle. Dealing with artists, customers, framers, and logistics, on top of promoting your business is no easy task. My Art Concierge allows marketers and artists alike to create high-value, long-term art brands by simplifying this whole process.”

The world needs more art. My Art Concierges goal is an ambitious one, scaling hand-painted works of art of all genres. The company currently work with sixty registered artists who complete paintings for a variety of artists, galleries, and online stores around the world.  

About My Art Concierge

Over the past few years, online art sales have grown at a tremendous pace. With the sector still in its infancy, My Art Concierge (MAC) seeks to fill the gap between skilled artists and skilled marketers, pairing them together to complete painting requests from customers around the world. 

MAC is an API that plugs in seamlessly into your e-commerce store and allows anyone to become an Art Dealer and sell custom, hand-painted, made-to-order paintings. MAC acts as a real-time link between the e-commerce business, the end customer who ordered the painting, and our talented artists. MAC takes care of everything, including shipping, customer service, framing, and logistics, on top of dealing with the artists. 

MAC is the worlds first paint on demand” platform, aiming to democratize art and make it more accessible to customers around the globe.  

Similar to how the print-on-demand business model has revolutionized the custom t-shirt/apparel business and helped spawn numerous successful businesses, MACs Paint on Demand will change the way we buy and sell art. 

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