The State Of Caribbean's Indigenous People: Need for Caribbean Diaspora to Support Their Issues



Release Date

Friday, May 3, 2019


The CARIBBEAN INDIGENOUS PEOPLE needs are similar to all other culture's needs. Firstly, they want to be recognized and be acknowledged as the first peoples who inhabited the Caribbean. They have been and continue to work tirelessly to preserve their indigenous heritage and fight for their rights to own the land.

Currently there is little to no specific legislation on Indigenous Peoples' rights within the Caribbean and as such they are always struggling to keep their history, culture, arts and dances alive. Some of the most pressing issues facing Indigenous Peoples are to become self-sustaining or receive approval from the various government agencies to own and settle their land.

There is need to have a permanent single parcel of land of reasonable size (greater than 25 acres) to be owned collectively to build a sustainable village to include: cassava processing plant; a museum; a herbarium; and operate eco-tours into the forest and oceans. The protection of the sacred sites, forest and oceans which plays an integral part of indigenous culture and to pay homage to their ancestors' remains buried throughout the Caribbean islands.

In addition, the revision of the School History Curriculum to truly represent the Culture, values, achievements and heroes of the Indigenous Peoples and to be able to freely with the support of local governments to coordinated exchanges/interactions with various Indigenous groups worldwide.

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