The St. Patrick’s Cooperative Credit Union (SPCCU) Accepting Sealed Bids For Property in St Peter’s, Montserrat

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Release Date

Thursday, December 23, 2021


“The St. Patrick’s Cooperative Credit Union (SPCCU) is accepting sealed bids for a property legally described as Block 13/10 Parcel 48 in the St Peter’s Registration Section located in Virgin Island, St Peters. All bids must be submitted by 3.00 p.m. on Friday the 7th January 2022.

The subject property consists of approximately 16,436 square feet of good residential land. The property is part of a residential development and is located about three (3) miles North of Nances River. It is bounded as follows:

On the North by 13/10/60 divided by the ghaut carriageway 

On the East by parcel 13/10/69

On the South west the unsurfaced portion of the public road

On the west by parcel 13/10/47

On the North west by parcel 13/10/3.  

Access is via the Virgin Island public road, taking a right turn at the end of the surfaced portion of the main road unto a newly concrete surfaced road. The subject parcel is situated near the end of the new road.  

Further details can be obtained from Attorney at Law, Marcelle Watts, Chambers, Watts & Associates Ltd, Logwood Road, Old Towne, Montserrat Tel. No: 664-496-5718 and/or Mrs. Jennifer Van Doiman (Debt Recovery Officer) of the St Patrick's Cooperative Credit Union 664-491-3666.  

Interested persons are asked to submit their sealed bids to:

The General Manager
St. Patrick’s Co-operative Credit Union



Block 13/10 Parcel 48

Block 13/10 Parcel 48

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