The New COVID-19 Regulations Announced For Montserrat Have Left Me Wondering


William "Bubbles" Galloway

Release Date

Monday, May 17, 2021


Who is steering this ship called Montserrat? I ask that question not as a political stance but just as an observant citizen.

Since way back in January of 2021, The CDC recommended lowering the quarantine time from 14 days to 10 days. Strangely enough, this new SRO issued by the Government of Montserrat is still enforcing a fourteen day quarantine as standard.

No one is against enforcing whatever is required for the betterment of my island, but in that same stance you are telling vaccinated people entering Montserrat that they must be quarantined and tested after ten days.  Please explain the incentives? COVID is COVID in America, Canada, England or wherever. Different strains but still COVID.

Everyone knows COVID shows up five to seven days after infection, why and who are we punishing?

We want to establish the importance of vaccination, yet we punish the vaccinated?

Another fine act of punishment, one which interestingly is not in the SRO, is the underhanded demand for Civil servants to be vaccinated; or if they’re not it’s a test every two weeks.

Someone has fallen asleep at the helm. Was there a round table discussion on this one? We did not have the manpower to check on the turnover of people in quarantine that led to the  lockdown of the island. Now this is what is being mandated for essential workers to test every two weeks.

The island has a Civil service staff of approximately nine hundred. If fifty percent of them are not vaccinated, tell me where will you find the manpower now to test nine hundred people per month, plus the uptake in visitors? Still you intend to keep an active civil service running without any glitches? Someone didn’t think this over.

By the way, did anyone take a survey to see if more people would’ve taken the vaccine if it wasn’t the AstraZeneca vaccine? We already know that this vaccine comes with very well publicised baggage. Even in that interview with Lord Ahmad held the other day he was heard bragging about another vaccine and not just the AstraZeneca.

Again I ask who is steering this ship called Montserrat? Things seem to be adrift at sea.

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