The Key to Healthy Living While Traveling on a Limited Schedule

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Katherine Fleischman

Release Date

Monday, November 21, 2022


"Being healthy while on vacation tends to be a struggle for most, but experts from Hotel Lutetia, an iconic landmark situated in the Saint-Germain-des-Prés area of Paris, share how to balance work and play, while still maintaining a healthy routine by eating right and exercising, all while taking in the authentic Parisian experience, in just a few days! Below are their secrets to doing so, with limited time on the schedule:

-Choose items on the menu beforehand: The terrace of the Brasserie Lutetia and its hidden patio brings back contemporary surprises. Choose healthy options for lunch options like the roasted cauliflower salad, sesame, pomegranate, lemon and coriander or the fish filet and stir fry of vegetables and order in advance so you have healthy options available before the hunger pangs start.

-Take a break from the hustle and bustle of the city between seeing the Eiffel Tower and shopping: Akasha Holistic Wellbeing Center provides a unique well-being experience that promotes health, happiness, and fulfillment while improving personal balance, marrying innovative Western practices with ancient Eastern traditions. A private Hammam for purifying scrubs and massages and a Vichy shower for cleansing hydrotherapy rituals is extremely important to vanish stress.

-Water is the key to the body: A swimming pool bathed in natural daylight is the essential way to take a mental health break. A luxurious sanctuary and candle-lit oasis, including sampling beauty treatments, fitness training, and healing therapies is the perfect way to relax. A Watsu pool is ideal for tailored hydro-treatments and guided meditation, including the ‘Akasha Safe Spa,’ a set of procedures and promises to feel confident the hotel will keep them safe is a plus.

-Find a gym wherever you travel to: Spacious facilities for exercise and massage are imperative. From nutrition to meditation, and Reiki to Watsu, cutting edge technology including LifeFitness equipment, personal entertainment centers with touch screens and iPad docks combine knowledge of fully dedicated personal trainers and a range of holistic classes.

Balance is the key to travel, so make sure to hydrate, eat small meals, exercise and take breaks throughout the day: both mental and physical ones. To learn more, please visit"

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