The International Podcast EP25: Dave Hachey, President of Ogena Solutions on COVID-19 Food Safety


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Tuesday, December 1, 2020


Much of the responsibility for containing the COVID-19 virus is falling on regular people and businesses to be careful and diligent — wearing a mask, maintaining physical distancing, washing their hands — and cleaning/disinfecting surfaces in and around their homes and workplaces.

The challenge is making sure people are cleaning and disinfecting properly. It’s not enough to just wipe down a surface; most commercial disinfectants claim to kill germs, but the fine print is “When used as directed” notation. And the reality is most people don’t use them as directed, making their cleaning and disinfecting routine largely ineffective.

Today on The International Podcast, Host Jeevan A. Robinson Host, speaks with the President of Ogena Solutions, Dave Hachey, on safety measures to protect against the second wave of COVID-19, and the two most common mistakes people make, and how to rectify them.

Listen to the conversation now featured below:

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