The International Podcast: CEO Paul Greenberg Speaks on Coding, Technology and Learning Transformation

Paul Greenberg CEO of Creatubbles & Jeevan A. Robinson of MNI Media

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Wednesday, November 10, 2021


On this week's edition of The International Podcast, Host Jeevan A. Robinson speaks with Paul Greenberg, the CEO and Founder of Creatubbles, a tech start-up that is focused on exploring ways to make it easy for parents and teachers to leverage games and technology to keep children engaged and teach them new skills.

Paul shares some of the innovative ways technology can be used to create consistency in our children’s education during an otherwise unpredictable time.

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to reshape education and the learning experience, opening new opportunities for remote learning, Paul's Toronto-based start-up has launched a new mobile app that features block-based coding allowing users to design, build and play their own mobile games.  

Super Code Strike is geared towards gamers of all ages looking for a hands-on experience that allows players to create their own gameplay adventure while practicing the basics of coding. Using their own creativity and the in-app Blockly coding functionality, players can build their own levels, control robots and other building elements while learning programming fundamentals such as conditional statements and control structures.   

“People of all ages are spending more time playing games, and we wanted to create something that reinforces the idea of time well-spent online by designing an app that is fun and productive,” says Paul Greenberg

Paul previously worked at Napster, MTV Networks North Asia, and iPipeline.

Listen to our conversation on The International Podcast featured below: 

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