The Glorious History of Online Fruit Slots

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Thursday, October 19, 2023


Ageless Legends: Why Gamblers Love Fruit Slots

The love of online casino visitors for slots is not surprising because this is a global trend. And it doesn’t even depend on casinos moving into the digital space, since slot machines were in great demand in land-based casinos as well. This phenomenon has many reasons, ranging from the simplicity of game rules, the speed of winning, the ability to have fun without thinking about your actions like in card games, etc. However, some features of players’ love for slots may still raise questions. For example, do you know why the fruit theme in slots is so popular? Read the article to reveal this secret, which makes the fruit theme the top preference of gamblers for more than a century.

The Secret Language of Casino Symbols

For a long time, the gambling subculture retained a special air of mystery, especially when gambling was banned in many countries. This was due both to the government’s persecution of casino organizers and the reproval of players who took part in gambling. Therefore, the need to veil one’s actions and look for loopholes in the laws led to the creation of a special language of symbols inherent in this subculture, of which fruit slots became an important part.

Modern visitors to online casinos, which are legalized in many countries, can play openly without being embarrassed by their hobby. When they come to an online casino platform, they find a library of slots from thousands of titles, often encountering games with a fruit theme. And many of them don’t even realize that it was thanks to these fruit symbols that the first generations of slot machines were able to function despite government restrictions.

How Fruits Got to the Reels in Slot Machines

The Difference Between Modern Online Slots and the First Fruit Machines

Modern online video slots are a real work of art. They allow the player not only to win but also to enjoy excellent graphics, visual effects, music, etc. Many of them have interesting storylines and unusual game mechanics. By making even a small bet, you can find yourself in magical worlds — jungles, prairies, mysterious castles, uninhabited islands, etc. Some casinos allow you to play even without betting for real money, for example, in Demo versions of games or encouraging players with a no deposit bonus. For example, by using Lucky Tiger Casino no deposit bonus code, you can enjoy the best slots without making an initial deposit. And perhaps, you will even choose a wonderful fruit theme!

The first slot machines were much more primitive, and yet visitors to bars or casinos were delighted with them. This was a real revolution in gambling, because now, even those who did not have card playing skills could receive winnings. However, the first winnings were not in cash.

Why Did the Creators of Slot Machines Place Fruits on the Reels?

The first slot machines, developed in the early 1890s, were based on poker. The player, spinning 5 drums, received various combinations of cards. But at that time, these slot machines were not electromechanical, and therefore, players with a winning combination could not hear that magical sound of coins that was so loved by later generations of gamblers. Since these simple machines did not have a payout function, the player received a prize in the bar, for example, beer, cigarettes, etc.

Bar visitors liked the novelty so much that slot machine manufacturers eagerly invented new variants of slot machines. Simpler machines have appeared with 3 reels and other symbols. Wanting to expand their target audience beyond just bar patrons, they came up with a machine that gave out chewing gum as prizes. By doing this, they solved several problems at once:

  • The number of people wanting to play fruit machines increased due to the attractiveness of the prizes for a variety of people. They even waited patiently for their turn to be able to put a coin into the slot machine.
  • The owners of slot machines avoided prosecution by the law because it could be presented simply as a machine for dispensing chewing gum!

And the fruit symbols that were placed on the reels meant the flavor of chewing gum that players could get if they won, for example, lemon, cherry, orange, etc.

Most Popular Modern Fruit Video Slots

If you want to come closer to the legend, get incredible winnings, or just have fun, try to play the most popular fruit slots. There is plenty to choose from, because many game developers consider it an honor to introduce a fruit-themed slot to the iGaming market.

BerryBurst MAX by NetEnt

The MAX notation for this slot eloquently indicates that players can get significantly larger winnings than in the previous version of BerryBurst. This is a very colorful and appetizing slot with stunning animation and a high RTP of 96.56%. Players can get a maximum win of 200,000 coins and have fun with their favorite berry symbols.

Fruitoids by Yggdrasil

This slot is almost 10 years old, but it is still one of the most popular releases of the now famous provider Yggdrasil. This was one of the first slots the company developed, featuring unusual and delicious frozen fruits. The slot captivates with its magical color palette and elegant graphics. The RTP of this game is also quite high — 96.7%, which encourages playing it even those who don’t really like to take risks. Many also offer suggests using services like revolut casino for flexible and secure financial transactions, enhancing the player's experience in modern online casinos.

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