The Alliouagana Singers Publish Their First Book, "Our Old-Fashioned Island’: The Alliouagana Singers Reflect"


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Thursday, July 16, 2015


The Alliouagana Singers are proud to announce the publication of their first book, ‘Our Old-Fashioned Island’: The Alliouagana Singers Reflect, to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the volcanic crisis on Montserrat.

Edited by Dr Gertrude Shotte, the book is a collection of poems and short stories chronicling the experiences of the choir members during the chaotic and traumatic early years, as well as their reflections during the subsequent years re-building their lives in the UK.

Varying from the poignant, through the poetic and to the hilarious, the stories come from the heart and speak to the soul of Montserratians. They reflect the respect and real fear for the power of 'the mountain', loss and exile, and the exuberant Montserrat spirit that allows us to laugh even in the face of tragedy.

The book also celebrates the 15th Anniversary of the Alliouagana Singers, and is a tribute to the Group’s founder, Beverley Dewar.

Copies go on sale from Saturday 18th July, at £15 each.

A commemorative CD is expected to follow shortly.

For further enquiries or to obtain a copy of the book, please contact any member of the Alliouagana Singers.

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