Terror Attack Today in Barcelona, Spain, at Popular Tourist Spot


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Thursday, August 17, 2017


The travel and tourism world is in shock today after a terror attack in Barcelona, one of the most popular travel destinations in the world came under attack.

British tourists have been urged to ‘stay inside’ after keep away from the centre of Barcelona following a terror attack. Local authorities have advised people to stay inside and stay away from the Las Ramblas area of the city.

Gunfire was heard at the Corte Ingles store in the area after police announced a ‘massive crash. Thirteen people are believed to have been killed and dozens injured after a van in Barcelona ploughed into pedestrians and two men entered a restaurant with guns.

Press reports suggest that some public transport, particularly the metro, has been affected.

Gunfire was heard at the Corte Ingles store in the area after police announced a ‘massive crash.

Pictures and video emerging from the scene show police cars and ambulances near the Las Ramblas, a busy tree-lined promenade in the centre of the city.

Several foreign tourists had been caught up in the attack.

Spanish public broadcaster RTVE says one suspect in Barcelona van attack has been arrested. It remains unclear if that suspect is Driss Oukabir.

Police have confirmed Oukabir as the main suspect, according to El Pais. Oukabir is reportedly of Moroccan origin. His Facebook page shows anti-Israel posts, as well as a slew of Moroccan music videos, including one from popular rapper 7LIWA.

Social media users started posting comments underneath his posts after his identification, including remarks such as "die in hell!" and "you murdered innocent people."

U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson has offered American assistance to Spain in the wake of the vehicle-ramming attack. Trump condemns the terror attack in Barcelona, says US will do whatever is necessary.

Two suspects are in custody following the deadly van attack in Barcelona, local media reported, and local police have dismissed reports that there is currently a hostage situation in the city.

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