Take This Chance Montserrat!


William "Bubbles" Galloway

Release Date

Saturday, March 28, 2020


Will declaring a state of emergency on this island help us in getting the financial aid we so necessarily needed from Britain to tweak the IMMEDIATE!!! establishment of a more advanced hospital? Lessen the bureaucracy, remember a hospital doesn’t necessarily mean one big building. Many hospitals throughout the world have many wings and corridors, let’s work towards a more advanced tomorrow. I think the door is ajar to ask for a few things from Britain. COVID-19 is giving us an inside look into what is needed to be attained from our parent country.

We need to change our way of thinking. We NEED AN UPDATED HOSPITAL!!!!! This is crazy for lack of a better word. This Coronavirus entered the human system and changed our world. Now, I’m not going to linger on who did what, or why. I’ll admit, I for one said let’s not cancel St. Patrick’s. That was our one chance a year to bring some meaningful revenue into the island. I’m not going to point fingers, the Minister took a stand and stood by it. That is Leadership. If he takes a stand, and also takes the blame. I applaud him for standing up for what he believes. For those who came, they enjoyed the meeting and mingling on their short stay. Let’s face it, the average Montserratian who comes home are here to see family and friends, enjoy the beaches and the local food; to rejuvenate and get some of the friendliness back in their system. They also want to see the improvement of the island. Some try to find ways they can make it better and others look for a reason to complain. Some will even try to compare Montserrat with Canada, US, England and other places just to reinforce how far behind we are. It’s a given, we are far behind in a lot of things, but I dare them all to come up with a more peaceful relaxing place like Montserrat anywhere else on earth.

Let’s move to the progress. It’s no false statement that our medical institution needs a drastic development process. Yet we are going head over heals over a deep water harbour. Again, I think it’s horse before the cart. WE NEED AN UPDATED HOSPITAL!!!!

Even the Coronavirus has proven that. If someone gets hurt building the deep water harbor or the airport or whatever, and they need to be taken care of, the thought of having to take them to a distant land for medical care is all we have. I know there will be situations where we can’t do everything on island, but let’s make it the situation where we CAN do most things on island. A hospital is more than a building.

Let’s put politics aside and start something. Time to stand flat-footed and make a decision. The inevitable needs to start now. Yes, I hear it’s in the works. That story was told before, even by the last government and this same government years ago when they were in power. I’m not pointing fingers, but I need to see a ground breaking to start believing. The most important development this island needs now is a more equipped state-of-the-art hospital with rooms and equipment. Additionally, we need qualified technicians to operate and repair the equipment.

Our future living standards depend on the enhancement of the current medical status. Let us start.

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