Switchere & SpaceSeven to Allow NFT Purchase With Credit Card

Switchere & SpaceSeven to Allow NFT Purchase With Credit Card


Release Date

Friday, December 3, 2021


Switchere, a licensed online crypto exchange, announced the integration of Concordium’s native payment token, the CCD. Switchere is supporting SpaceSeven which allows users to create, buy, and sell NFTs. SpacesSeven’s NFT platform is built on Concordium, a leading public decentralized blockchain. Thanks to this collaboration, you can now directly purchase NFTs at SpaceSeven with your credit or debit card. 

SpaceSeven’s NFT platform was launched on November 23, 2021, at 4:20 PM CET. Built on the Concordium blockchain, SpaceSeven’s platform offers top-notch tech thanks to the features that Concordium offers, i.e. affordable gas payments, scalability, and identification of the parties trading, which are necessary for the functioning of the SpaceSeven marketplace.

“Here’s how it works: a client registers his or her account and wallet on SpaceSeven and uses the Switchere widget to buy CCD through any of the available payment methods. Then, the user may exchange the CCD for the desired NFT on SpaceSeven.” — said Nikolai Khachatrian, Head of Product at Switchere.

“This is the first and very unique opportunity on the market to buy NFTs with your credit card. With growing interest in NFT, we would like to expand its adoption in the market.” — said Philip Mostert, CMO at SpaceSeven.


How Is Switchere Widget Helping With NFT Adoption?

Switchere widget makes NFTs more accessible by allowing crypto projects like SpaceSeven to accept credit card payments. This widget can be integrated into any platform that faces limitations in NFT purchases with fiat currencies

About Switchere

Switchere is an online cryptocurrency exchange that allows you to convert crypto to crypto as well as purchase them with regular currencies like dollar or euro. The company was launched in 2019 in Tallinn, Estonia. It is a licensed company with complete legal compliance. The main benefits of the exchange are secure infrastructure, fair pricing, and fast processing of transactions.

About Concordium and the CCD

Concordium is a Layer-1 proof-of-stake blockchain. Sustainable and science-proven with an ID layer to ease regulatory compliance, Concordium offers fast and real finality with stable, low transaction fees together with a smart-contract infrastructure. The CCD is the native payment token within the Concordium Ecosystem.

About SpaceSeven

SpaceSeven is the world's first NFT marketplace that uses Concordium blockchain as the primary chain for minting NFTs. The platform was created by Tacans, a software development house in Switzerland, and Venture Builder, with an R&D center in Ukraine. On SpaceSeven, artists can create NFTs and sell them at a fixed price or at an auction. The platform provides all the necessary prerequisites for the efficient functioning of a marketplace: security, the convenience of use, and proof of provenance.

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