Sumita's Mindful Movement Presents Fitness Madness

fitness instructor Sumita Balooja

Jeevan Robinson

Release Date

Saturday, May 14, 2011


Sumita Balooja is a fitness instructor and also the CEO of fitness enterprise, Mindful Movement. Mindful Movement under Sumita's guidance have been doing extremely brilliant work in Antigua in the area of health and fitness. As Mindful Movement ramps up its activities for summer, they are about to undertake a a 10 week fitness programme called Fitness Madness. The aim is to get people thinking progressively about issues surrounding health and fitness beyond the routine of spending a few hours in a gym.

I had the opportunity to speak recently with Sumita. Listen to our interview below to hear what this wonderful fitness instructor and CEO of Mindful Movements Fitness Organisation has to say to you.

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{audio} Interview with Fitness Instructor Sumita Balooja| Sumita_Balooja_Interview.mp3{/audio}

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