Statement: Montserrat's Premier Romeo on Hurricane Dorian's Impact on The Bahamas


Office of the Premier

Release Date

Monday, September 2, 2019


Many, if not all of us, are watching the scenes coming out of The Bahamas, and are witnessing the extensive destruction and devastation being experienced by the people of the Bahamas, as Hurricane Dorian continues its wrath over the islands.

At this point in time, it is important that we, the Government and people of Montserrat continue to pray for the people of the Bahamas as they endure this terrifying ordeal.

This morning, I spoke with the Prime Minister of the Bahamas, Dr. Hubert Minnis and informed him that the Government and people of Montserrat are in solidarity with his Government and his people, and we are willing to provide support anyway we could.

We know that the regional disaster response organisations CDEMA and others are preparing to be deployed to provide support.

People of Montserrat, please as we continue to pray for our brothers and sisters in the Bahamas, let us stand ready to offer assistance, be it clothing, food and other essential items after the impact.

God be with the people of the Bahamas.

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