Statement: Government of St Kitts/Nevis Rebukes Opposition Leader's Irresponsible Statements


Valencia Grant - Press Secretary to PM Harris

Release Date

Sunday, August 12, 2018


Prime Minister Harris and his Team Unity Government categorically reject the irresponsible statements dated August 8th, 2018 of Opposition Leader Dr. Denzil Douglas, who is on a vendetta to destabilize St. Kitts and Nevis, at any and all costs. In the past few months, scheme after scheme to derail significant development projects has been revealed.

Our attention has been drawn to a highly offensive and inflammatory statement by Dr. Douglas, who sought to maliciously malign the Prime Minister by associating him with social media characters and falsely alleging that these fake characters “speak for the Prime Minister.”

Prime Minister Harris and his administration have official and legitimate channels of communication, which are well known to the public. They include the Office of the Press Secretary, the St. Kitts and Nevis Information Service (SKNIS), ZIZ and all of their official websites and social media accounts, such as and The Government cannot answer for opinions expressed by any other entity on Facebook or elsewhere.

Prime Minister Harris and his Government are busy advancing an agenda of transparency, good governance and prosperity. This is most evident in the Prime Minister’s Monthly Press Conferences, Government’s Post-Cabinet Briefings, its Working for You Radio Programme, and its regular reporting in Parliament, just to name a few ways in which they communicate how they are fulfilling their Manifesto commitments to the people of St. Kitts and Nevis.

As part of our good governance agenda, we have been actively supporting the law enforcement agencies in maintaining public safety and security.

Year-over-year, Prime Minister Harris’ Team Unity Government has increased the budgetary allocation to the Ministry of National Security; the EC$75.5 million allocated to it in 2018 dwarfs the EC$15.3 million allocation in 2014 under the Douglas-led administration. Under the Douglas-led administration, the homicide rate in the Federation reached a record high of 35 homicides in 2011. Contrary to the malicious statements by Dr. Douglas, the Police Commissioner has reported that major crimes including homicides, save for two exceptions, were on a downward trajectory from January to July 2018 relative to the comparative period in 2017.

The depoliticization of the police force and other disciplined forces under the Team Unity Government has been strongly commended by the Police High Command. Indeed, Commissioner Queeley is on record as saying that the process of Police transfers was the most transparent he had ever seen in his more than 30 years as a member of the Royal St. Christopher and Nevis Police Force.

Prime Minister Harris reiterates Government’s policy of non-interference in the operations of the Police. It is this expressed policy that guides the approach of Prime Minister Harris and his administration, as they believe that the Police must be allowed to do their work without interference or hindrance. In that regard, every request of the Police for resources has been positively considered and fulfilled.

If the Police Force and the National Security apparatus were ever in crisis, it was under the leadership of Dr. Denzil Douglas, a failed Prime Minister, who is resorting to mischief, lies, misinformation and deception to inveigle his way back into power.

Prime Minister Harris, his Team Unity administration and the people of St. Kitts and Nevis are still dealing with the remnants of Dr. Douglas’ 20-year power trip and we resolve to never go back.

The Team Unity Government remains committed to working diligently to put the power in the people’s hands. Our record stands for itself.

Prime Minister Harris and his administration will always stand up for you. We will never sell you or our country short.

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