Statement from the Office of the DPP on Montserrat Regarding the Conviction and Sentencing of Attorney-at-Law Warren Cassell

Convicted Attorney-at-Law Warren Cassell

Office of the DPP

Release Date

Thursday, June 23, 2022


Yesterday June 22, 2022, Warren Cassell was found guilty by a unanimous verdict of a nine-member jury on a count of Money Laundering, for concealing in excess of XCD$855,000. The jury’s decision was unanimous. Today, he was sentenced by Justice Stanley John for a term of three and a half years Imprisonment. In mitigation, his lawyer Mr. Kenroy Hyman said Mr. Cassell accepted the decision of the jury. Indeed, it was the right decision.

This is a case which has spanned for a decade and a half. This is the second time he has been tried for this offence. Like on the last occasion, the jury found him guilty of the offence. There was closure needed regarding this matter. Quite a number of people lost money, as was commented on by the judge in his sentencing exercise.

Criminal matters depend on the cooperation of various agencies, the court, investigators, witnesses etc., but none more important than the jury. In criminal trials, the guilt or innocence of the citizen is determined by a jury of their peers, i.e., persons from among us. It is those courageous people that allows the system to function. If there is no cooperation from the public, then the system grinds to a halt. It is this regard we want to commend the jurors that sat in this matter and on the other hand to thank them on behalf of the Office of the DPP and the general public. Just as importantly, we want to thank the witnesses, prosecutors and all those who played a part in this trial.

By their verdict, the public have spoken.  They have sent a message that irrespective of rank or opulence, no one is above the law. We take no pleasure in seeing a fellow citizen fall from grace, but we would never shirk our responsibility to the public or indeed turn a blind eye to wrong doing irrespective of who the perpetrator is. Those who embark on criminal activity can rest assured that they would be brought to justice. We would hope that the verdict and sentence would go some way to restoring public confidence in doing business on Montserrat, knowing fully well that criminal activity would not be countenanced.

As a lawyer, Warren Cassell was obligated to hold the scales of justice with equal poise and to make his  passions and prejudices coincide with the just line of his conduct as a lawyer.


Oris Sullivan


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