Statement from Peter D. A. Queeley Co- Founder of the Montserrat United Labour Party (MULP)


Peter D. A Queeley

Release Date

Wednesday, October 17, 2018


The Montserrat United Labour Party (MULP) was founded and registered by Jermaine Wade and Peter D. A. Queeley in October, 2017.

After doing some initial work, in terms of the party constitution, structure, mission, vision and principles the co-founders decided to shelve the project temporarily.

However, in recent times, the co-founders of the MULP decided to revisit the MULP project following numerous comments and agitation from members of the public regarding the political and economic situation on Montserrat.

What is clear from the many interactions and feedback from members of the public, is that the PDM Government has failed Montserrat and the MCAP Opposition does not present a credible alternative or a solution to Montserrat in terms of governance.

The MULP has formulated an Exploratory Committee to assess the feasibility of the party contesting the upcoming General Elections, along with the identification of possible candidates and Caucus members.

The party has not yet officially selected any candidates to contest the upcoming elections. However, Mr Jermaine Wade, co-founder of the MULP has already publicly indicated his intention to contest the upcoming General Elections on the MULP ticket.

I welcome the announcement by Mr Jermaine Wade and look forward to other individuals coming onboard as we move the MULP exploratory process forward.

I welcome any comments and opinions regarding the electoral exploratory feasibility process regarding Montserrat United Labour Party.

Peter D. A. Queeley
Co- Founder/ Co-Party Organizer
Montserrat United Labour Party

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