Statement by Billy Darroux, Director of the Montserrat Disaster Management Coordination Agency


DMCA Director, Darroux

Release Date

Sunday, August 23, 2015


"In light of the approach of Tropical Storm Danny and the warning that has been issued for Montserrat and the rest of the Leeward islands, I am providing you with some critical information in terms of preparedness and some decisions which will require immediate action for your safety.

The Emergency Policy Group met earlier today and decided on the advice of the Director of DMCA that there should be a partial activation of the National Emergency Operations Centre (NEOC) at 1:00pm today Sunday.

First of all, there is no need to panic. Just be prepared.

It was also decided that emergency shelters would be opened at 3:00pm for persons who may wish to find that type of accommodation.

These shelters are the St. Peters Old School, the Cavalla Hill Education Centre, the Look Out primary School Auditorium and the New Ebenezer Seventh Day Adventist Church in St. John’s.

Additionally, persons in Salem who require shelter accommodation are asked to assemble at the Salem Police station for 3:00pm from where they will be transported to the St. Peter’s Old School.

Persons are reminded that they should not venture outdoors during the passage of the storm because it is a dangerous practice and people could be injured and even lose their lives.

The Policy Group has also decided that only essential services workers are to be on standby to report for duties when required.

Public servants and other workers, except those who are part of the operations teams should not report to work on Monday but should stay home and indoors for safety reasons.

The authorities will continue to monitor the passage of Tropical Storm Danny and will provide you with periodic updates.

The Policy Group is planning to meet at around 2:00pm on Monday following the passage of Danny and will make a decision on the "All Clear" announcement at that time or before provided an assessment of the situation is completed.

Your utilities can be interrupted during the passage of the storm, and you should make the necessary preparations.

During the assessment period, essential workers and some key officials will be out on the roads to ensure the work is carried out.

This however is not an indication for people to wander outside to site see…

There is the concern that if this were to happen that persons will be subjecting themselves to serious injuries.

Wait for the "All Clear" to be given before you go outside.

Keep listening to Radio Montserrat ZJB for updates and information on Tropical Storm Danny as it approaches us.

We need to keep everybody safe and so we are depending on all residents to follow the advice given.

Please be safe."

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