St. Martin's Lasana M. Sekou at 28th Annual Cuba International Book Fair


MNI Alive Media

Release Date

Sunday, February 17, 2019


The 28th annual International Book Fair of Havana, Cuba, is presently taking place. It began on February 7th and will go through to February 19, 2019.

St. Martin’s Lasana M. Sekou is currently attending as one of 57 authors, editors, scholars, translators, and publishers from around the world invited to the International Book Fair of Havana, Cuba.

Whilst in Cuba, Sekou sat as a panelist on “Literary creation, Editorial management, and Cultural policies in Latin America,” according to Iyaimi Palomares, director of the Cuban publisher Arte y Literatura.

On this panel some of the topics addressed by the speakers included the interruption of literary production during Uruguay’s last civil-military regime; use of digital technologies for added publishing opportunities in Cuba; and publishing multilingual books in St. Martin to reach wider audiences in the region and beyond.

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