Spoken Word: She Called Me Sir


William "Bubbles" Galloway

Release Date

Monday, June 18, 2018


The maid’s dress was an inch below hip high
Her words were sassy an attitude that asks why
A feathered duster an apron like the new hire
Flaunting erotica moving sensually in this maid’s attire
Teasing, bendin,g reaching seductively glancing at me
Lip smacking temptation in my bedroom that won’t let me be
She teased I had to sit like a tethered dog without a stir
Instead of calling me beau she called me Sir

She stood in the room scantly clad facing the wall
Walked to the bed lay face down saying; "I was a bad girl"
For punishment she begged for my attention
Writhing with sensuous pheromone peaking an erection
Obligingly caressing, massaging and inserting, pleasurably
As her gluteus rose higher adjusting to penetration bountifully
Pillow biting muffled sounds of pleasure ecstasy was in a blur
Yet she never called me baby she called me Sir

How could this angel of reason become this vulgar
With rid-dim manipulating penetration she turns into a czar
Staying in character throughout until I pulled her hair
The flip side of her eloquent vocabulary was oh so near
Verbalizing stuck on one word then calling me names
Offering direction breathing erratic exhaling with no shame
Our ridiculously entwined bodies added finger biting, hair tossing
This role playing added a new layer and unveiled an angel cussing
Convulsing with erratic precision bodies shudder as ecstasy occur
Tears of joy flowing she called me honey and quit calling me sir

Note: William "Bubbles" Galloway is our Resident Spoken Word Contributor with MNI Media

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