Spoken Word: My Brother, My Friend

black man thinking

William Bubblicous Galloway

Release Date

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Neighbourly we proceed performing daily choresNever once to recognize our protective forceNever once to recognize our protective forceMankind's most protective bond is each otherWe survive and maintain our race through one anotherSure we bicker and fight over irrelevant issuesBut it hinges on belief and or political physical misuseThroughout earth everyone yearns for a brighter dayOppression and or intimidation has been utilized in some waySo the strong rise up and upsets that form of manipulationWith population control they carve a new nation We stand firm like the tree in the forest establishing boundariesSupporting the ones on the frontline offering resourcesThe weaker ones die from the lack of nutrients and sunlight Survival depends on location established force and mightLike a warrior the exposed tree grows a thick root and bark for defenceIts value established if fallen exposure occurs and forest won't be as denseA constant battle occurs daily vying for space and superiority But destruction occurs by plants, man, animal, even insects dietaryWe are but trees in a forest as we grow and bloomSomething somewhere takes us and its always too soon Editor-in-Chief's Note: William Bubblicous Galloway is a freelance Spoken Word Contributor with MNI Alive

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