Spoken Word: Hey Uncle

us congress building

William Bubblicous Galloway

Release Date

Monday, October 21, 2013


Can I bend your ear for a while
Numerous inconceivable acts performed for you
Legends have died in your honor and to touch your shores
Not to detest Mama but your flair is oh so appealing
With bright sparkling lights and cities of rhythmic flair
Even your violence turns into fads
Your cinematic excellence laid a foundation and entices all
Naively one assumes gold is around each street corner
Truly opportunity exists but inversely are failures
With perseverance you can be what you want to be
Creatively you've instilled rules that protects many
Progressively and significantly they've been challenged

Uncle your flair is dying
You were the proud victor, an industrial revolutionary
Maturity or greed, but you've sold your soul and your wares
Almighty dollar flowed now you're bartering with an Asian brother
Maybe a willingness to help or ravenous vampire syndrome
Today let's just back pedal and scope our present situation
Accepting new laws are as tasteful as lucifer quenching on holy water
Investing in everyone but ourselves is self destruction
Our euro neighbors are collaborating on Hans' financial strength
This homeland is perturbed for a deteriorating middle class
Rest assured it's this flaccid backbone that separates a third world
Religious cultural wars can spread in face of ignorance and poverty
Arabian springs can flow like lava when hatred and anger boils
John crow laws and colored schemes propagated your mind
Slowly the web is moving peering wide eyed yet blind socially
Stand uncle, stand and see the precipice that is ahead of thee

Yes you've baffled and won the Cold War by outspending
The yesterday's of war to enrich an economy have lost to technology
Soaring high with chest expose trusting as a Killy hawk
But fighting desert sand is driving coffin nails for pleasure
Inspect outstretched hand for peace expecting trickery
Changing culture and belief amidst multi centuries of pent up hatred
That family breathes war and no side is a good side for us
It's time to recoup and rebuild everyone else,even the cartel
The partition that separates the inner cabinet has to go
Control lobbyist educate and entice forget about drug wars
Senators know that the solution is in your house and cabinet
Still be strong and vigilant but watch that rich blind eye
Corruption surrounds you and failure preys on your production
Everyone says they have your back but it's from a far distance
So come on uncle dance this dance

Editor's Note: William Bubblicous Galloway is a freelance Editorial Contributor with MNI Alive

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