Spoken Word: Guilty As Charged

Trayvon Martin

William Bubblicous Galloway

Release Date

Tuesday, July 16, 2013


Change, so verdict says not guilty
Sure not of murder, but of discrimination
Guilty of being unsusceptible to change
Being judged, condemned and murdered not strange
Failure to comply to standardized society ploy
Intelligent with a boosted handgun, Aaahh a kaffa boy!
Hooded dressed walking in gated property spells danger
The walls of Soweto relocated to Florida but stranger

For hidden behind the blatant acts of horror
Are laws that allow vengeful evil doers to perform terror
Today a hooded shirt, tomorrow a burqa, a saran, a turban
An endless list that corrupts our western civilization
Bend twisted or straight are our eager to hands out to justice
Like a spider in our domain swat flush but eradicate our premisses
A Devine protection to a materialistic world is the value of life
An escalated testosterone when affixed with a gun or a knife

Found stalked attack and killed with a predetermined alibi
Scream for joy cometh with the first kill don't ask why
No don't judge the dead for the way he dressed or talked
Question the motive behind his death and reason the path he walked
Hell yes the verdict is not guilty by a jury of your peers
But murder was committed and forever eternally you are aware
Trust is a forbidden word for you'll be on high alert everyday
His body is at rest but seeing any shade of black makes you pay

Editor-in-Chief's Note: William Bubblicous Galloway is a freelance Spoken Word Contributor with MNI Alive

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