Spoken Word: Broken or confused?


William "Bubbles" Galloway

Release Date

Wednesday, October 30, 2019


A slow night at the sports bar watching football
I’m upset the official made an awful call
This guy walked in looking confused
Striking up a conversation indicating he felt used
Seeking my opinion for he assumed I’ll be honest
Truth is I needed a drinking partner I didn’t detest
A case of friends with benefist, being used for a reason
For if he needed to reciprocate it’ll never be his season

His ex girlfriend wanted to renew their intercourse sessions
Even though she will not forego her present lovers mission
Puzzling for she told him how much she missed his touch
Will not quit the present boyfriend she loved him that much
At their separation he felt like the bottom of a well used dustbin
His heart was rend like a small car that a bear was trapped in
Shattered hearts are not mended when penile reinserts
Needed is a jack hammer to penetrate the value of self worth

Six months of battering himself in a ‘why me’ world
Tonight coyly she begged him to give the coitus section a new hurl
Present lover excellent provider, but bedroom interaction monotonous
To be used as a human release he was all game this is stupendous
Desperation intersect doltishness at shame and broken heart
The reward any chance to be together is better than being apart
Her ship ran aground he must keep it afloat packing this broken bilge
The stench and guile this requires more than his penile syringe

After three scotch the question came ‘What should I do?’
With shredded tongue I didn’t have a sifter to pass a lie through
You are a cheap wimp with no balls to stand on for a pedestal
Weak, emotional,intelligent, romantic fool with undisciplined moral
Needing a chaffed skin on your member as a long standing reminder
Lots of women desperately in need of good loving and a depth finder
Accepting being a used uncommitted dildo you need a romantic rescue
You are a weak, horny, impulsive, idiot don’t cry here
Here is a tissue

Note: William "Bubbles" Galloway is MNI Media's Resident Spoken Word Contributor

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