Soaking up Summer in Anguilla

Meads Bay, Anguilla

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Thursday, July 21, 2022


A relaxing Caribbean vacation always comes to mind when the frigid Canadian winter rolls around. The gentle sea breeze and sunny beaches of beautiful Anguilla sound incredibly tempting when the temperature plummets and you are in need of some vitamin D. What is often overlooked is the idea of visiting Anguilla in the summer. While other destinations see peak tourism during the warmer months, this radiant island is often overlooked. Before you plan your trip, take a look below at why summer is the superior time for an Anguillian vacation.

  • While other tourist destinations sink under the weight of heavy crowds, summer in Anguilla remains a tranquil and quiet escape. Sleep in as long as you want: you’ll always find a free beachside lounge chair or a table at the trendiest restaurants. Privacy and peace are guaranteed year-round, but especially during the summer months. If a relaxing and harmonious vacation is what you crave then you are on the money with Anguilla

  • Speaking of money, summer prices in Anguilla are unbeatably low. You’ll find competitive prices between May and August on many aspects of your trip, including excursions, food and accommodation. Save yourself from the splurge: travel rates drop considerably compared to the winter prices. In stunning Anguilla, timing is money. 

  • Summertime weather in Anguilla is near perfection as it almost never rains. Unlike some of its Caribbean neighbours, this period in the blissful paradise is free from unbearable heat and humidity, blessed instead with satisfyingly sunny days and warm tropical winds. You are also in for smooth sailing as the weather is ideal for water-based activities. The summer seas are typically calm for your offshore excursions and underwater visibility is excellent for scuba diving and snorkelling. 

  • Summer is the best time to party it up, Anguilla-style! Two of the island's biggest holidays, Anguilla Day and Carnival, are celebrated in the summer with boat races, dancing, and incredible barbeque. Your trip may also overlap with other major events like the Valley Street Festival. If you’ve had enough naps on the beach, relaxing spa days, and peaceful meals with your significant other, you are welcome to hit the lively streets of Anguilla and party the day away.

If you’ve been convinced and an Anguillian summer sounds like the holiday for you, please visit for more information. 

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